Sprouse keeps on rolling

Louis Vuitton Skateboard

On Friday 9 January, Louis Vuitton launched a bright and funky collection inspired by Stephen Sprouse at their New York SoHo store. The skateboard pictured above is one of the two limited edition pieces and can be yours for only $8,250… and yes, the trunk is included.

Louis Vuitton Shop Front in NYC
Louis Vuitton Shop Front in NYC

“I tried to take what Stephen had done at Vuitton and then kind of flip it in my head, and make it Vuitton’s work for Stephen, not Stephen’s work for Vuitton,” Jacobs said. “I just felt it was a funny way to play with it, to pretend to be Sprouse for a bit, and use the work that he did, and then bring it back to the work that he did before I collaborated with him.”

The Punk Glamour God
The Punk Glamour God himself

Named ‘the design pioneer’ by NY Times and known as the ‘child’ of Andy Warhol, Stephen Sprouse died at 50 from the heart failure – he had a very brief, but indeed a saturated life. We found a lengthy but interesting article on Sprouse’s life, career and art.

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