A Brief Encounter with Mercedes SLS AMG

Mercedes SLS AMG in Desert Gold
Mercedes SLS AMG in Desert Gold

A brand new Mercedes SLS AMG parks outside my Monte Carlo apartment in the street, exposed to all the elements of rain, rust and of course the ‘Monaco touch park’. Naturally, a middle aged gentleman who habitually attempts to court me owns the vehicle in ebony black, however much to his disarray, I was never a fan of the ‘Pinocchio nosed’ gullwing doored 7 speed V8 bullet with wheels.


Last week my eyes feasted upon this video:

Now I’ve conformed to the sex appeal of the car, it’s fun, fast, energetic and oh so daring. Michael Schumacher! Since when do you give ladies and males alike goose bumps? When can I get me one of these babies and do they come with parking sensors? I’ll have one in black AND gold! Men have always said ‘it’s not about length, it’s about the motion’..and now I finally agree.  I think I can get over this German’s big nose and end up doing 360’s in a Haute tunnel somewhere along the Cote d’Azur. Vroooom!

by Amanda Johnstone

One thought on “A Brief Encounter with Mercedes SLS AMG

  1. Howdy
    I am just planning on getting a new auto and I need help selecting between an Audi or a Mercedes?
    I am trying to decide on among and Audi A4 and C class
    I currently own an A4 and i am truly satisfied with it
    however I would you like to hear from those who own a Mercedes or maybe have owned both
    which one should I decide on
    Thanks for your help

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