L’Amour Fou: Yves Saint Laurent by Pierre Bergé

Yves Saint Laurent et Pierre Bergé at Rue de Babylone, Paris (1982)
Yves Saint Laurent et Pierre Bergé at Rue de Babylone, Paris (1982)

It was a beautiful autumn afternoon in Sydney when the fashion and beauty worlds came together to celebrate the life of Yves Saint Laurent at a private screening of the new film Yves Saint Laurent: Pierre Bergé, L’Amour Fou. Très French affair, as a part of the 2011 Alliance Française French Film Festival, saw guests greeted with glasses of Moët & Chandon and boxes of popcorn.

The film is a must see for any fashion lover.  The raw and moving documentary delves into the tortured yet love filled and exuberant world of Yves Saint Laurent.  Told by Saint Laurent’s life long partner Pierre Bergé the film depicts reminiscent emotion like only French films can. As Bergé reflects on the past, the film slips in and out of the present as Bergé prepares for the sale of their illustrious art collection. Collected over more than twenty years the collection includes paintings by Matisse and Picasso, ancient Egyptian statues and eighteenth century bronze Chinese object d’Art.

The film will be screening in Sydney at the Chauvel and Palace Verona Cinemas until the end of March. For sessions near you check the French Film Festival 2011 website.

by Kate Lillian Muir

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