Tie & DIOR Joaillerie

Designed by Victoire de Castellane, Tie & Dior high jewellery is hypnotic, colour-rich collection featuring coloured diamonds, enchanting emerald greens, punchy magenta sapphires, punctuated by colorful Tahitian and Australian pearls.

“I really started with the play of colour in tie-dye,” — explains de Castellane. “The images that came to mind were mainly of spots spreading out like on blotting paper. It’s also a game of movement with bright colours whose contrasts are interrupted by diamonds. I thought it would be rather amusing to connect it to couture and fabrics.”

Here, the tie-dye technique has been reimagined after appearing on the runway in Dior’s women’s collection. The light-hearted yet bold compositions of colours are indicative of the boundless Dior craftsmanship.

“When it comes to the size of the stones, I always like to maintain a lot of freedom, I enjoy mixing different forms and volumes — this is what makes things more lively, and less static. I like the idea of mixing cushion cuts, oval shaped stones, round cuts, bringing them together in a way that creates movement” — explained de Castellane.

Wonderful asymmetric earrings feature colour blocks of pink and blue sapphires, tsavorite garnets, paraiba-type tourmaline plus two gobstopper-size emeralds ooze from two pistachio coloured pearls.

Tie & DIOR is the first time that de Castellane has significantly used pearls in her 20 years at Dior. The pearls are all dyed in either candy pinks, pistachio greens or golden yellows, almost haphazardly thrown onto her voluminous creations, clinging to the base of a necklace or jauntily resting on a ring. The stone – in essence the tie-dye ink – offers an eye-catching contrast, its velvety finish colliding with the angular stones.

The mysterious shimmer of the perfectly smooth pearls enhances the colourful intensity and brilliance of rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

All in all, Tie & DIOR collection consists of 100 pieces, created to immerse us in the wondrous world of Dior high jewellery and its promise of a rainbow-seeped escape.