Rockstars to Rocket Scientists: Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an invitation only, audio only app. The iPhone only application launched earlier this year, with users onboarding quickly amongst California – from the tech goliaths of the Silicon Valley and their VC backers, through to icons of the Billboard music charts.

Clubhouse “rooms” are filled with talented creatives, mind-bending experts and some of the greatest thought leaders of our generation.

But who to follow? First, to create context of my list below – I should share a little about who I am. I’m Amanda Johnstone, a Technologist and the Luxury News Editor here at Haute Today. My handle is @amandajohnstone and I co-host a club titled “Talk Nerdy to Me” within the app.

I have curated this extensive list of culture, tech, agency, science, music and fashion legends and low-key subject matter experts to get you started.

Culture Kids:

ENTERTAINMENT: Tiffany Haddish (@tiff) – Actress, Comedian & Author

ENTERTAINMENT: Julien Christian Lutz (@directorx) – Director

FASHION: Virgil Abloh (@virgilabloh) – Designer

MEDIA: Rich Antoniello (@richacomplex) – Founder, Complex

MUSIC: Meek Mill (@meekmill) – Entertainer

MUSIC: Kehlani (@kehlani) – Entertainer

MUSIC: Ryan Miller (@mitchellspinach) – Entertainer

MUSIC: 21 Savage (@21savage) – Entertainer

TECH: Paul Davison (@paul) – Founder, Clubhouse

TECH: Rohan Seth (@rohan) – Founder, Clubhouse

TECH: Alexis Ohanian (@alexisohanian) – Founder, Reddit

Guardians of the Future:

ECOMMERCE: Kehinde Ade (@kehinde.ade) – Partnerships, Instagram / Facebook Shop

ECOMMERCE: Nate Harvey (@res_nate) – Head of eCommerce, Netflix

INNOVATION: Mike Walsh (@mikewalsh) – Founder, Tomorrow

INNOVATION: Ari Popper (@scifutures) – Founder, SciFutures

INNOVATION: Steven Haddadian (@stevenhaddadian) – CoFounder, TheFutureParty

INNOVATION: James Andrews (@keyinfluencer) – Futurist

MEDIA: Maude Garrett (@maudegarrett) – Founder, Geekbomb

MEDIA: Pete Cashmore (@petecashmore) – Founder, Mashable

MUSIC: Ambre (@ambre) – Entertainer

MUSIC: Zendaya (@zendaya) – Entertainer

POLYMATH: Jin Yu (@wolfxlion) – Head of Growth, Vezt Inc.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Stephanie Saffa Simon (@stephsimon) – Community Lead, Clubhouse

SOCIAL MEDIA: Will Weinbach (@weinbach) – Social Media Influencer

SOCIAL MEDIA: Emily Sears (@emilysears) – Influencer & Feminist

SOCIAL MEDIA: Jennings Bower (@jenningsbower) – TikTok Influencer

TECH: X. Eyeé (@techwithx) – Responsible AI, Google

TECH: Tarin Ziyaee (@tarin) – Technologist, Facebook + others

TRUST: Rey Allie (@rey) – Trust & Safety, PicsArt. ex TikTok, Uber & Google

The Business End of Town:

EVENTS: Marketa Skrivankova (@marki) – Event Production, World Economic Forum

EVENTS: Nima Hessami (@neptune) – CEO, Next Class Agency

EXECUTIVE: Swan Sit (@swan) – Ex Global VP Digital Marketing at Nike. Board Director at Edgewell, Novabay, Far Niente

EXECUTIVE: Walt Geer (@3rdgeers) – Executive Creative Director, VMLY&R

EXECUTIVE: Taylor Cohen (@ttayl0r) – Global Create Strategist – TikTok

EXECUTIVE: Matt Barash (@mjb) – Senior Vice President, Zeotap

EXECUTIVE: Princessa Topping (@princessa) – Brand Partnerships, TikTok

EXECUTIVE: Hannah Lewis (@hannahlew) – CPA, SpaceX / Starlink

INCLUSION: Brandon Farbstein (@farbstein) – Speaker

INCLUSION: Kunal Sood (@kunalsood) – Resident, TED

MARKETING: Brendan Kane (@brendankane) – Author, 1 Million Followers

MARKETING: Craig Clemens (@craig) – CoFounder, Golden Hippo

MEDIA: Scooter Braun (@scooter) – Founder, SB Projects

MUSIC: Sean Mullins (@snob) – Technologist & A&R, Def Jam ANZ (Universal)

PHILANTHROPY: Victoria Balnaves (@victoriabalnaves) – Trustee, The Balnaves Foundation

VENTURE: (@jerrychen) Jerry Chen – Partner, Greylock

Science, Space, Sustainability, Health & Tech

HEALTH: Clarissa Silva (@clarissa) – Behavioural Scientist

HEALTH: Pierre Fournier (@pafournier) – Founder, Hexoskin

HEALTH: Aneel Chima – Director, Stanford Health & Human Performance

HEALTH: Sohaib Imtiaz (@digitald0ctor) – Founder,

HEALTH: Ron Gutman (@gutman) – Stanford, Inventor & Teacher

LIFESTYLE: Samantha Stein (@wombkind) – Founder, Wombkind

SCIENCE: Dustin Boyer (@nub) – Small Business Manager, DARPA

SCIENCE: Camille Wardrop Alleyne (@cwalleyne) – Rocket Scientist, NASA

SCIENCE: Heshan Illangkoon PHD (@grasshopper) – AstroSynthetic Biologist

SCIENCE: Alder D. Riley (@alder) – Founder, ideastostuff

SCIENCE: Chioma Uka (@godisgood2020) – Microgravity Researcher in partnership with SpaceX

SUSTAINABILITY: Chris Burt-Allan (@sustainably) – Sustainability Advocate & Influencer

SUSTAINABILITY: Ryan Gollan (@ryangollan) – Co-Founder, The Sapphire Dinner

TECH: Daniel Hammond (@drh) – Engineer, Clubhouse

So, what are you waiting for? Log into Clubhouse (or track down your invite) today to ensure you get your daily fix of mind-bending learning or insider entertainment.

Download Clubhouse on iOS or learn more at and join my club “Talk Nerdy to Me” – a discussion hub for all things tech, robotics, space, AI, quantum everything, sustainability, XR, sci-fi, research, geek culture, health, drones, asteroid mining, CGI influencers, tranhumanism, blockchain, autonomous vehicles, gaming, IOT, e-commerce and ESG.

by Amanda Johnstone