Qatar’s Eco-Floating Hotel

Qatar is setting the innovation bar high, revealing their plans to build a never-seen-before floating hotel that could generate electricity with the help of solar, wind and tidal energy.

Designed by Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio, the Eco-Floating Hotel would have a doughnut-shape, with the main purpose of producing clean energy by spinning slowly and generating its own energy in the process.

Although there’s still a long way to go for the construction plans to be developed, it has been reported that the hotel would have 152 rooms and carefully organized vertical axis wind turbines, each capable of generating 25 kilowatts of electricity.

Another step that could bring sustainability to the project is the use of solar energy, with the glass roof of the building also programmed to collect rainwater.

To get as much of the view as possible, the 152 rooms will have their own separate balconies through which they can access different parts of the ocean with each rotation.

While the location has yet to be revealed, the design company said it aims to build it on “Qatar’s coastal waters”, but despite its off-shore location, visitors can drive to the hotel, hop on a boat, or use a helicopter.