The Future is Faraday

California-based Faraday Future is an innovative automotive manufacturer at the forefront of mobility and human-machine symbiosis. Established in 2014, the company has a core focus on productive mobility and creating a third internet living space (an on road office, spa or lounge).

The company does not position itself as a traditional automotive manufacturer, in fact, their luxury mobility vehicles are developed entirely using virtual and augmented reality.

FF’s design team didn’t think of FF 91 as a car, an SUV or a wagon. Instead, they envisioned their creation as a next-generation vehicle that embodied the soul of progress. They weren’t bound to traditional forms; they looked to FF 91 as a solution to what the world needed for clean, performance, luxury mobility.” –

The company is headquartered in Los Angeles with R&D Center and Futurist Testing Lab, and offices in Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu.

“FF 91 is our first production vehicle and flagship model. All-electric, autonomous-ready and seamlessly connected, it embodies our latest mobility advancements in performance, intelligence, and user experience. This is the reason why we gave FF 91 a future-forward design that visually sets it apart from anything else on the road.”

Drawing down on principles learned from NASA’s space experiments , Faraday have introduced Zero-Gravity seating to create Neutral Body Posture, distributing the user’s body weight to provide a more relaxing, rejuvenating experience. The rear seats recline up to 60◦, the greatest recline of any production vehicle.

Complementing the experience is FF 91’s “Spa Mode,” which, in addition to heated and ventilated chairs, adjusts ambient mood lighting and limo lighting, as well as visual and audio effects, helping soothe the soul. Rear chairs also feature integrated cushion massaging.

Speaking with Zen Matoshi, Global Head of Innovation at Faraday Future, we were educated on the advancements in the automotive industry, particularly in product design and the future of driverless cars.

“At Faraday Future we are preparing for a world where electric autonomous mobility will take the lead. We may not need a pilot at the wheel or a drivers licence in the near future. We ensure all our technology is at the forefront and think decades ahead with our product design.” – He said.

At Haute Today, we find the current specifications impressive, they include:

– Up to 378 miles EPA / 700 km NEDC range from 130 KWH battery pack
– Patented submerged liquid battery cooling technology
– 1,050 HP powered by 3 high performance electric motors
– 0–60 MPH in less than 2.40 seconds
– All-wheel drive, all-wheel steer and rear-wheel torque vectoring
– Length 206.9”
– Wheelbase 126.0”
– Width 78.2”
– Rear legroom 48.9”

But don’t take our word for it, you can experience the Faraday Future Futurist Experience in the heart of New York City, located at 5 East 59th Street, or take the plunge in ultimate luxury and reserve your own FF 91 now at:

by Amanda Johnstone

Images supplied by Faraday Future