Dior’s 3D Printed Popup in Dubai

Anyone traveling to Jumeirah beach will first distinguish the iconic Dior cannage motif on the walls. The pattern has become a symbolic theme for the house of Dior since its inception in the late 1940s. In fact, it was Christian Dior himself who fell in love with the pattern, which he had seen in eighteenth-century salon chairs.

He later incorporated the unique design into the packaging of his flagship perfume L’Eau Fraîche. From then on, the combining crossed diagonal threads has been a big part of the brand, incorporated within the designs of clothes, handbags, accessories, perfumes, jewelry, and more.

Built on one of Dubai’s most famous beaches, on the coast of the Persian Gulf, the unique Dior installation is composed of two circular modules crafted with the help of Italian manufacturer WASP’s exceptional 3D printing system called Crane WASP.

This so-called “infinity 3D printer” is composed of the main printer unit that can be assembled in different configurations depending on the printing area and, therefore, on the dimensions of the architectural structure to be calculated in 3D. Two Crane WASPs were transported from Italy to Dubai to develop the pop-up store for the French fashion house, and the results are stunning.

For this remarkably unique concept store, WASP merged natural materials like raw earth and sand to create the brand’s signature pattern on the walls. According to WASP executive creative director Francesca Moretti, “it was really challenging to print this pattern.”

Recreating the design on the walls was not easy “in terms of coding,” she revealed. However, thanks to WASP’s proprietary software capabilities, the design was optimized, and the walls of the store resemble the natural weaved threads on one of Dior’s handbags.

The result – an adaptation of Dior’s brand blending seamlessly into its environment. By using natural materials, Dior pushes its sustainability agendas further.

The innovative space also houses Dior Maison beach essentials, including deckchairs, parasols, cushions and bottles, and iconic bags, such as the Dior Book Tote and the Dior Caro, that mingle with the latest additions to the Dior 2022 cruise line, such as the Lady Dior in the horizontal East-West format and the Lady Dior Wicker baskets.

by Samantha Wong