Luxury Metaverse Villa by Luis Fernandez

The ultimate escape from reality is now a click away, thanks to Los Angeles based architect Luis Fernandez. The creative has broken the boundaries of traditional, tactile architecture by announcing his latest project, metaEstates_VILLA a 3D designed virtual luxury villa in the metaverse, in partnership with MetaMundo.

Can’t escape for summer this year? Never fear, owners of the villa (which are currently available for purchase as an NFT for a limited time through the MetaMundo marketplace) are teleported to its main entry upon arrival, a massive towering portico recalling ancient Greek temples, but at an unbuildable real-life scale.

Owners can host up to 50 guests in the virtual setting, which boasts galleries to display NFT artworks also owned exclusively by the owner.

Speaking to Haute Today, Fernandez stated:

The future and the possibilities of what we can achieve through these interoperable, designed digital worlds, and the ways in which companies, artists, institutions will use them to fully immerse their community, and create new narratives is really fascinating to me, and where we are pushing the needle forward.

We have seen the villa used in many ways, as a showroom for brands, to host meditations, for conferences, performances and virtual meetings”. He said.

Fernandez, a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CDFA) for over a decade, is an American ‘hybrid-creative’, active within the fields of fashion, design, architecture, and interior design. Previous real world commercial builds include Barneys New York flagship stores in San Francisco and Las Vegas, where he led as Project Architect.

by Amanda Johnstone

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Disclosure: The writer of this article owns artwork of another collection by Luis Fernandez. This article has not been compensated for.