Kate’s Fountains for Monaco

In Monaco, Kate Powers is more than a familiar name: a Monegasque citizen, awarded with the Order of Saint Charles – Monaco’s highest honour, a great defender of the planet. She was dedicated to create Monacology, the Monaco Green Team and the Eco-Angels. Her commitment extended to our plates, as her restaurant transformed its menu to offer sustainable gastronomy.

Her restaurant Stars’N’Bars began sourcing local, organic and sustainable ingredients, removed plastic from its operations, adopted renewable energy sources and found new ways to reducing waste.

Today, Kate lives in our memories as we continue to honour her legacy by supporting the efforts of the eponymous foundation. Created in 2022, Kate Powers Foundation focuses on Kate’s life-long desire to build and strengthen a sustainable community that works together for the benefit of everyone. With the main goal to continue all activities that our beloved Kate Powers started for community, environment and education in Principality of Monaco.

On March 28th, the inauguration event will introduce foundations’ first project, Kate’s Fountains. The project aims to have filtered water fountains at schools, existing locations and portable fountains at events.

“Everyone knows that Kate was passionate about two things in Monaco – community and the environment. Kate’s Fountains project brings these two interests together by reducing single-use plastic and providing filtered drinking water to improve the environment and people’s health in the Principality.” – said Karen Bond, vice-president of Kate Powers Foundation.

The cocktail reception will launch their partnership with Water Smart Foundation to provide fountains offering free filtered water throughout the community. Fountain sponsorship starts at 8,500€ but a donation of any amount toward Kate’s Fountains would be appreciated.

For more information or to buy tickets to the event, please click here.

by Olga Barrale