Thierry Mugler … revisited

Thierry Mugler reincarnated
Thierry Mugler reincarnated

Since closing the doors of his fashion house in early 2003, Thierry Mugler occupied himself with the re-invention of ‘Angel’ – his signature fragrance… and himself it seems. He became obsessed with pumping his muscles and today he looks like the real-life Incredible Hulk in tan, not green. Most feedback of Mugler’s new body we heard so far was not particularly encouraging, but to me he looks amazing for a 60 year old. Mind you, there is no way I could possibly say anything negative about this man. He was my inspiration ever since I saw George Michael’s ‘Too Funky’

It is Mugler’s imagery that most clearly identifies him within high fashion. His sources include Hollywood glamor, science fiction, sexual fetishism, political history and various periods in the history of art and decoration. In this way, his work reflects the eclecticism of the art world during the 1970s and 1980s.

Women who favor Mugler are often those who find themselves encased in rigid materials such as leather, latex, rubber, plastic, plexiglas, and chrome. Therefore, it is no surprise that Mugler is a big favorite of those involved in the corset and fetish worlds.

As a finale of this post I invite you to watch Thierry Mugler’s fabulous show for 1995 Fashion Music Awards, where at 1:15 you’ll see beautiful teenager Ivanka Trump. Enjoy!

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