Pow Pow! Beauty Weapons

They say ‘beauty can be deadly’ and this phrase seems to inspire contemporary artists to create the ‘weapons of mass distraction’. A couple of them have been featured here before and today we have another one to show you, it’s called Dior 001.

Dior 001
Cute and harmless Dior 001

Amsterdam-based Atelier Ted Noten has designed the ‘Dior 001’ gun that is part of a larger new series entitled ‘7 necessities for a women to feel like a woman through the eyes of a man’ presented by Ornamentum Gallery on the occasion of Design Miami / Basel 2011.

The glamourous weapon hides an antique hairpin, lipgloss, medicine, a USB stick with ‘secret information’, a 100 gram sterling silver bar. other products in the ‘7 necessities…’ series include sunglasses, a bag, bionic arm piece, shawl and more. The firearm is made from a 3D printed nylon body with 18 carat gold details executed through traditional goldsmithing methods.

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