Backstage with Dior Eyes

Fashion, especially luxury heritage brands, live for exclusivity. With a population of celebrities, models and celebrity models, the backstage is what it’s all about. With Dior Eyes you can feel like you’re there where the glamour is.

Dior Eyes, as the device is affectionately called, is a forward-thinking method of engaging with clients. In a trend the brand calls “retailtainment,” Dior Eyes will be available to the public in select stores from June 2015.

Dior Eyes isn’t a so-so VR headset. With 515 ppi density and a field-of-view approaching 100 degrees, the chicness in black is brimming with immersive experience.

dior virtual reality

Holophonic sound will also help the illusion while external mic create live noises for you to enjoy. The chassis was fabricated using 3D printing and was co-created by Dior with DigitasLBi Labs France. Now where do I buy one?

by Olga Barrale

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