Dive into Abyss: Wood + Glass Tables

Duffy London designed a table that drags you into the abyss.


By using layers of wood and glass, London based designer Christopher Duffy came up with this beautiful 3-dimensional Abyss Table that looks like the ocean depths. With a simple idea, Duffy managed to mix two major trends in current design and find a whole new path.


Looking closely at the Abyss Table, we can detect two main ideas, two opposed forces wonderfully struggling against each other and finally finding an aesthetic balance. On one hand, we have the organic-looking layers of wood that are reminiscent of an architectural trend we have already mentioned. On the other hand, a cold and sharp block of glass, strongly contrasting with the gentle curves of the warm, wooden ribs.


The result is a beautiful object capable of perfectly imitating nature. As the sheets of glass add up, the material darkens as water would do, creating this unbelievable impression of depth and abyss. The effect is mesmerizing. As you glance at the abyss, you can actually feel the abyss looking back at you and slowly pulling you deeper. But no risk of drowning here!