Haute Today is a publishing  platform showcasing the latest avant-garde news, technology, social events, fashion and travel destinations to those who are discerningly stylish and sophisticated. We exclusively select the hautest products and services to tantalize your luxury lifestyle.

The site was born in Monaco, 2010.


The Founder:

Olga Barrale

A self-confessed digital nomad with the appreciation for all things fabulous, Olga Barrale has eccentric personality and flamboyant taste. It all started with a pair of red heels Olga convinced her parents to buy for her 12th birthday. Since then she never stopped observing the world’s fashion and its’ influencers. The infatuation for everything extravagant, Olga inherited from her fashion connoisseur mother, who travels the world in search for the perfect red carpet frocks. Olga’s other passion, digital technology, enabled her to work with the world’s largest brands and help them integrate new media strategies in the countless national advertising campaigns.

Luxury News Editor:

Amanda Johnstone
Based between Australia and the United States (and formerly Monaco), Technologist Amanda covers luxury lifestyle, automobiles, jewels, destinations, homewares, technology and fashion. She joined Haute Today in 2010.

Luxury Lifestyle Contributors:

Kelly Lowe
Based in Australia (formerly Monaco), Kelly covers luxury lifestyle, perfume, skincare, automobiles, destinations and fashion. She joined Haute Today in 2011.

Victoria Balnaves
Based between the United Kingdom and Australia (and formerly Monaco), Victoria covers luxury lifestyle, automobiles, art, design, events and destinations. She joined Haute Today in 2020.

Margaux Pogosyan

Samantha Wong

Toni Maria