Les Blés de Chanel: Fine Jewellery Collection

Notoriously superstitious and a firm believer in the power of symbols and amulets, Gabrielle Chanel came to view wheat as a lucky charm. As a result, the fashion house she founded has created a 62-piece high jewellery collection, called Les Blés de Chanel, to celebrate wheat in all its forms.


Premiers Brins, Brins de Printemps and Brins de Diamants pay homage to the tender young wheat shoots of early spring. Diamonds, peridots, crystalline and aquamarines play with transparency like young stalks of wheat.


Moisson d’Or offers a sheath of wheat tied by a yellow sapphire of 16.8 carats. This spray of diamonds and sapphires is the central motif of a long necklace made of 977 yellow sapphires for a total weight of 477.5 carats.


Fête des Moissons celebrates crowns of braided wheat. At the middle of a necklace, a yellow rectangular diamond of 25 carats with cut corners illuminates a bunch of wheat set with 
121 multi-coloured diamonds with a total weight of 46.7 carats, 932 yellow diamonds weighing 40.4 carats and 165 white diamonds.


Champ de Blé evokes the wheat of early summer in a more abstract series of pieces. 
Mounted on yellow or white gold, diamonds are entangled in a network of foliage.


Finally, the Légende de Blé necklace displays a majestic ear-of-wheat in white gold and diamonds that seems to wrap around the neck, leaving there summer’s most precious offerings.