SkyRanch One: Unique Jet Concept

Los Angeles based SottoStudios presented its newest private jet concept, SkyRanch One.


Enter Skyranch, your escape in the sky. The concept responds to the owner’s desires with interchangeable elements and easily customizable interior features. Its designs features hand engraved controls, bleached woods, woven leather, inlaid horn, english wool and other rich materials that sooth to the touch.


As SkyRanch is a state of mind, so its design can be adapted to fulfill the requirements and meet the expectations of the owners.  If they do not see what they’re after, designers  offer all the finest elements of custom design to create a bespoke aircraft that reflects the lifestyle of its owners.


The Aspen and The Dallas color schemes are the choices the clients have in tailoring their SkyRanch. Both are accentuated with Hermes “burlap” inspired wall coverings and the softest stitched suedes and leathers.

Photos ©Sotto/Embraer