Concept-i Artificial Intelligence Car

Speaking at CES, Dr. Gill Pratt, CEO of the Toyota Research Institute, said that the ultimate goal was to create a car that utilized the Yui artificial intelligence system and was “incapable of causing a crash.” 


Toyota Concept-i can do things like interact with the driver using lights and sounds, while monitoring on-road activity. When the Concept-i is driving in autonomous mode, the interior’s color changes to let the occupants know that the car is driving itself. Instead of using screens to deliver safety and directional information to the driver, a 3-D head-up display is projected onto the lower windshield.


The front and rear scissor doors open in opposite directions, with the front doors composed mostly of glass. The roof is composed mostly of glass as well, which exposes the cabin to lots of natural light.


The car’s exterior screens communicate with the outside world: up front, a display shows whether the vehicle is operating in manual or automated modes.


The rear screen shows messages such as “Watch Out” under heavy braking or warns other cars about upcoming turns or hazards. The doors also have displays on them, and Yui says “Hello” as you approach the vehicle.