UseCrypt: Solution for Privacy

Privacy has not only been a huge trend today, but has been an incredible necessity for individuals. Whether it is personal financial data, the information of loved ones, or simply the content of conversations, privacy has been the single most important deciding factor for the jet-set.

Technology has been adapting to this increased demand. End to end encryption for messaging apps, blockchain technology for finance apps are just a few of the innovations made in the recent years to adapt to changing priorities of people. Apps such as WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, and the like have arisen from this trend, making messaging and video calling secure and private. However, they have come into their own problems, as data breaches and hacking happen occasionally.

Mitch Lowe at UseCrypt launch at the Monaco Yacht Club

Mitch Lowe, co-founding executive of Netflix, has joined UseCrypt. The announcement took place in Monaco during the UseCrypt launch at the Yacht Club of Monaco. The USD 3.5M investment will fund a project that guarantees genuine privacy to people in the field of telecommunications.

UseCrypt is a company which addresses these issues. It combines these communication services which different apps like WhatsApp and zoom offer in a single, consolidated subscription package and has made it ultra secure. The platform was launched by Polish cryptographer Paweł Makowski and utilises eight levels of  cryptographic technology, making virtually impossible to access from the outside. UseCrypt has made a launch this summer in Monaco, a hub for ultra-high net worth individuals, where privacy is prioritised above all else.

The UseCrypt platform is now available on AppStore and Google Play.

by Samantha Wong