Cruise with Esurf

Summer is in full bloom, and with it comes high season for yachting. Affluent consumers everywhere are trading in city life for time on the sea, spending quality moments with family and friends aboard the huge pleasure vessels. Yachts are one of the most luxurious modes of transportation. Aside from the size and design of the vessel, one of the most common features owners and charterers look for when yachting are the water toys offered on board, as the majority of time is spent on the sea. Jet skis, inflatable slides, submarines are just some of the equipment used when voyagers want to spend some time in the water. 

Cobalt is one such brand producing water toys. The company was founded in the principality of Monaco, the infamous yachting destination for wealthy Europeans. Combining jet surfing  aficionados with a team of international engineers, the brand offers sleek water toys which are environment friendly. The toys are completely 100% electric and produce zero pollution, and for those who seek peaceful jetting in the water, also noise free. The team at Cobalt is extremely passionate about positive environmental impact.

The founder, Flavien Neyertz, a double world champion in jet-surfing, has spent a huge part of his life in the water. Cited in Forbes France’s “30 Under 30,” Neyertz highly values innovation and conservation in the world of water sports. In his words, “Throughout my career in combustion engine electric surfing, I have seen the impact that we have had. The sea and the oceans are an asset; they represent the future for all of us. In our own way, we want to change practices and contribute to the preservation of the environment thanks to our unique and innovative technology.”

Started in 2019, the company currently offers a selection of electric surfboards and water go-karts (yes, you read that correctly) for jetting in the water. The latter boards are customisable, transitioning into larger surf-boards for beginners, making the toys easily accessible for users of all experiences. In addition, the toys are also the most competitive in their categories. As they are completely electric, the technology makes it possible for boards to reach speeds previously unmet with traditional combustion engines. Esurf boards are capable of achieving top speeds of 64km/hr, currently the fastest in the industry, and offer 45 minutes of autonomous use. 

by Samantha Wong