S/Y Nahita: Bridging Speed & Leisure

Conspicuous yacht owners and admirers do not need to look far in order to recognize Wally as one of the most premier brands in the yachting industry. A part of the Ferretti group, Wally focuses on combining the latest technology with contemporary design to create its highly sought-after superyachts. One of their most iconic designs comes from their Wally Sail line, a collection of sailing yachts that are some of the brand’s finest. The cruiser-racer Wally93 Nahita combines the best of the Wally brand: the cruising capabilities and performance of their racers with the design and facilities of a traditional yacht.

Launched in 2018, the fully custom superyacht was built using advanced composite technology, reducing displacement and increasing rigidity. A lightweight for its abilities, the 34.25 ton Nahita has a powerful sail area/displacement ratio that is comparable to their WallyCento, the brand’s fleet of 100 feet racing superyachts. In addition to its hydrodynamic design, the deck and interior of Nahita have been carefully designed and crafted for optimal and luxurious living. Nahita’s deck style camouflages the central social cockpit and coamings, separating leisure time in the sun from any sailing maneuvers and providing passengers plenty of outdoor living space.

Interiors of Nahita have also been carefully arranged. The salon has more privacy than layouts of other Wally yachts because it is separated from access to the interiors of the crew and guest cabins. The owner’s area, in front of the salon, also has increased privacy, while the two guest cabins are behind. The sailing yacht can accommodate a total of six guests in three cabins, and seats 8-10 people in the salon. Combining luxury comfort with unrivaled performance, Nahita easily catches the eye of anybody looking out in the water.

by Samantha Wong