Miriam Abadi Dazzles in Chopard

Introducing a product to an audience takes communication from trusted sources. Miriam Abadi and her company Tru & Beyond are just that. An entrepreneur, mother, and social media influencer, Abadi has channeled her passion for beauty and wellness as well as her decade-long experience in marketing into creating a community for women to discuss these topics. The platform encourages open dialogue ranging from fashion and beauty to cosmetic surgery and mental wellbeing. 

One of Miriam’s latest projects was in collaboration with Chopard. Having always pushed the boundaries of Haute Horlogerie, Chopard scion Caroline Scheufele’s glamourous yet whimsical vision has remained an asset to the brand. In 1993, on Caroline’s insistence, the Happy Sport watch was born. The first of its kind, the luxury sports watch melded together stainless steel and diamonds into a harmonious design. Until then, no other brand had associated the word “sport” with the elegance of diamonds.

However, whether displayed on a watch or in a pendant, the Happy Diamonds concept remains the brand’s signature thirty years later. To celebrate the iconic watch’s conception, in a campaign fronted by Julia Roberts, Chopard has reimagined the style in a new model – Happy Sport The First. The watch retains the Joie De Vivre essence of the original design, with the ability to transition from daily sporty activities to glamourous evening soirées.

To celebrate the launch of the watch, Chopard bought together a group of inspirational, modern women—including, Miriam Abadi—from the Middle East to be a part of the Happy Diamonds campaign. With Happy Sport The First shining from her wrist, Miriam can be seen swirling freely like a prima ballerina, capturing the Chopard mood of “Diamonds are happier when they are free.”

“I love this watch because it represents my outlook on the future. It is a multifunctional watch that I can wear all day long, yet it represents freedom to me. Who said Diamonds should be set? These ones are so happy and honestly they always give me positive vibes.”

Chopard’s latest Happy Sport The First collection is available in stores across France and online.

by Samantha Wong