Atlantis The Royal, Dubai

The most recent addition to the Atlantis Hotel Group, the $1.4 Billion dollar mega resort – The Royal is nothing short of spectacular. Deemed the ‘new jewel of Dubai’, this luxury hotel boasts 795 rooms, suites, signature penthouses and 90 swimming pools.

Sprinkled throughout this landmark are 17 chic restaurants, including 8 by celebrity Michelin star chefs including Heston Blumenthal, Gordon Ramsay, Nobu and José Andrés. The Royal exudes decadence and truly caters to the ultimate luxury experience and even houses its own private beach. Guests have no reason to leave the luxury estate, a world of its own (unless to dart across in luxury to its sister, Atlantis, The Palm).

Birthed in Dubai, Atlantis, The Royal was conceptualised as the ‘deconstruction’ of the traditional sculptural towers typically associated with the city, taking the form of a stack of individual lego like blocks.

This geometric structure has redefined the meaning of indoor-outdoor living designed for the heat and breeze and creates an even more intimate affair for both guests and residents alike, as well as offering priceless views over Dubai and the Gulf. The gaps between the incredible structure become outdoor courts, which are natural ventilators and provide shade for the daily temperatures in Dubai that exceed 43 degrees celsius. This design rethinks the conventional concept of the ‘iconic tower’ and its role in the skyline of the rapidly growing city. 

Adding to this is the prescience of sunshades and the depths of the terrace meaning most of the resort glass is fully shaded during the summer, and for much of the day during spring and fall. This allows the usage of clear glass whilst still achieving energy efficiency. In addition, the water across all of the fountains and water features is recycled on a continuous loop – states the official media release.

“There are a lot of techniques that have been employed throughout history to adjust to the light and the climate. There is a reason you see deep overhangs in front of openings in order to create shade and there is a reason that every courtyard, whether it’s in the Blue Mosque in Istanbul or the Alhambra in Southern Spain, uses shade and fountains. It is the same here: the techniques we have employed will keep the outdoor spaces comfortable all year round by amplifying shading and maximising breezes.” –  Elie Gamburg, Principal, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associate

Positioned on the outer crescent of The Palm manmade island, this location allows the building to have two different types of waterfront views: towards the Arabian Gulf or the sheltered lagoon of the Palm Island and the Dubai skyline. The structure enables guests to take advantage of the views on both sides, many times from the same room or location.

The building’s two terraced towers step down towards one another to meet through the breathtaking 90 metre by 33-metre-wide sky bridge – a favourite feature across Instagram pages. This arch is a defining element of the Atlantis brand and has been reinterpreted for Atlantis, The Royal. Atop of the arch is The Royal Mansion signature suite and the skybridge, a 90-metre-long pool deck, flanked by restaurants and lounges as well as an event space.

According to Architectural Designer, James von Klemperer, President and Design Principal, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates and G.A Group 

“Atlantis The Palm is a more literal quotation of architectural history. Our building is a modernist piece of architecture— yet the essential way it handles light and space, is actually very true to some beautiful traditions of the region. The way the structure acts as a sort of screen, which allows views to go both ways, could be seen to reference the screens of mosques and Islamic architecture. The building doesn’t really have a front or a back, which is unusual and this multi-directional aspect of the building is a special aspect of its design. 

“We were asked to dream big on this project. To create something unique and iconic for Dubai—and when I look at it now, I’m amazed by the audacity of the whole undertaking. I’m bowled over by what’s been built. The gardens in the sky, first imagined in sketches on paper, are now realized hundreds of feet above the ground.

The build specs at a glance include:

  • 90,000 square metres of glass (the equivalent to 10 FIFA football fields)
  • 220,000 cubic metres of concrete
  • 2,400 piles across the site, some as deep as 45 metres
  • 45,000 tonnes of steel rebar
  • 5,500 tonnes of structural steel
  • 150,000 square metres of marble

View the song by Tiësto, featuring Tate McRae, shot at the resort.

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Images: Atlantis The Royal, Getty Images

by Toni Maria

About Atlantis The Royal

The new iconic landmark of Dubai, Atlantis The Royal welcomes guests to an experience that will completely redefine their perspective of luxury. Crafted by the world’s leading designers, architects and artists, this is a destination where everything has been designed to challenge the boundaries of imagination. Atlantis The Royal ignites the horizon with a collection of 795 elegant Rooms, Suites and Signature Penthouses. Featuring stunning views of the Dubai skyline and Arabian Sea, 44 of them have private infinity pools. The resort delivers a curated array of awe-inspiring experiences, inviting guests to swim amongst the clouds in sky pools, be dazzled by fountains that breathe fire or dine at more celebrity chef restaurants than anywhere else in the world. Guests are taken on a journey of the impossible, with artful masterpieces, iconic entertainment and beautiful craftsmanship at every turn, where the highest level of service will set a new standard in excellence.