Victoria’s Vogue issue

Posh goes Indian bride
Posh goes Indian bride

I have always admired Victoria’s ambition. She’s got a hot husband, three wonderful sons and an exceptional wardrobe. It seems what the girl wants – the girl gets!

Except for… a cover for Italian Vogue. Not to worry, the waif soccer wife will settle for an Indian one with no hesitation.

Forgive my ignorance, but I never knew such thing existed!

The ex-Spice girl also gave an interview to the magazine, where she announced that she feels like an Indian princess ?!

She also said: “You know, as a designer, I love the detailing in these clothes. It’s so me… this is real craftsmanship.”

…Neither was I aware that she is a “designer” unless having your initials sewn onto jeans’ pockets makes you one.

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