Cash, Cheque or Cavalli?

Plastic Fantastic
Plastic Fantastic

Just in time for the recession, Roberto Cavalli introduced an exclusive credit card. Mr. “Excess is Success” appears to be laughing in the face of the global economy crisis as he looks to continue his world domination plans. In December he opened the Cavalli Club in Florence (pictured below) and has now revealed aims to venture into finance.

Cavalli Club, a renovated 15th century church in Florence
Cavalli Club, a renovated 15th century church in Florence

It will be Cavalli’s second attempt at designing a credit card, after his big splash with Holt Renfrew card from American Express in late 2003. The card, set to go global on March 1, will offer special VIP services at every Cavalli boutique worldwide as well as special sale privileges. Exclusive invitations to fashion shows and events are the tip of the diamond iceberg of Cavalli card benefits.

“Created for those who thrive upon excellence, elegance and quality,” the iridescent snakeskin-printed card will give your party-hopping friends and black Amex a run for their money, literally.

Click here to read more about the first Cavalli Club.

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