Adriana Lima for GQ

This time 3 years ago, brazilian beauty Adriana Lima declared she won’t have sex before marriage in her interview with the GQ magazine. Read on after our favourite GQ editorial photo.

GQ April 2006
GQ April 2006

Are you a one-guy woman?
Of course! I’m a Catholic.

Look, I’m Catholic, too, but there’s a lot of things about the church that make it hard to date within its rules, don’t you think?
Like what?

Birth control, premarital sex…
Well, you know, sex is just for after marriage.

Say what?
Sex is for after marriage.

You mean you’ve never had sex?
That’s why I have to say.

You sure about this?

The whole interview was a little bizarre and a little funny.

Last year Lima’s marital status has upgraded to engaged. Who’s the lucky bastard you ask. His name is Marko Jaric and this all we’re going to say about him (not worth the space on this website)… Alright, we know you want a photo.

Adriana and Marko
Adriana and Marko

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