World’s most exclusive mobile phone

Receiving mixed reviews since its’ launch in Cannes back in 2006, GoldVish is still standing for the ones who like to indulge and can afford it.

GoldVish Luxury Communications is a manufacturer of luxury mobile phones. It specializes in handcrafted production and post-purchase support. In solid 18k gold and studded with diamonds, the GoldVish Illusion Collection is available in 5 different upgrades in white, yellow or rose gold, MP3 player, Sapphire glass display, worldwide FM radio, camera/video recording with 8x zoom including MMS, EDGE/GPRS data radios, Bluetooth, and Quad-band reception. Prices for the GoldVish Illusion start from US $25,000.

The GoldVish ‘Le Million’, the solid gold, diamond-studded ‘Piece Unique’ is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as both ‘The world’s most expensive cellular phone’ at one million Euros (approx. US$1.3 million) per phone and a guaranteed limited production of three pieces.





Goldvish Le Million
Goldvish Le Million

The only question is … what would the case for this phone look like?

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