L’Hotel by Lacroix

This 17th century building, the site of an ancient bakery, has been completely renovated. The facade, dating back to 1900, as well as the shop sign, both of which are registered as historic monuments, have been preserved.

Hotel du Petit Moulin

Christian Lacroix , the designer, famed for flouncy, bright fashion has brought his unique aesthetic sense to the Hotel du Petit Moulin in the Marais district of Paris. Lacroix has decorated each of the boutique hotel’s 17 rooms differently mixing various time periods and styles in riotous combination. Toile on one wall, a space mural on the next, a lipstick red bathroom and liberal use of color makes this a far cry from the minimalist soothing experience of so many modern hotels.

Monseur Lacroix says: “When I designed l’Hotel du Petit Moulin in Le Marais, I had the impression of rediscovering an erstwhile childhood dream, left by the wayside. A dream of living in a hotel, building a decor, day after day, in the colors of the times, putting ambiences together into volume and space and not only on paper or through fashion collections. At Le Petit Moulin, we pass from a rustic Marais in toile de Jouy to a more zen or design Marais or from an historical Marais in damasks to a more playful Marais. It is all these contrasts that I have endeavored to translate into seventeen ambiences corresponding to each of the seventeen rooms, like seventeen ways of experiencing the Marais”.

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