St.Tropez: an Innovative Tan Experience

St.Tropez ‘Aromaguard’
St.Tropez ‘Aromaguard’

When the glamour’s of the world jet set to a desirable holiday destination, St Tropez is the summery glitterati staple of the Côte d’Azur. Russet skinned men and coffee skinned models, movie stars sporting that honey hue; this seaside town evokes visions of a young tan Brigitte Bardot, nude beaches, villas and pools, and typical French locals enjoying typical French local weather.

However, we are past the days of nude beaches and guilt-free sun baking. The Australian sun is ruthlessly harsh and guaranteed to damage your skin, so to bronze your bod while minimizing the melanomas it’s always best to fake it.

Thanks to an innovative new product from St.Tropez, women of the world can now attain a beautiful golden glow without the ‘fake tan’ stench. St.Tropez has introduced ‘Aromaguard’, a new fragrance technology that minimises the chemical reaction between DHA (the active tanning ingredient) and your skin. This is a breakthrough in the tanning industry, and St.Tropez products will now compliment your skin tone with a soft scent, gently evocative of iris and fresh fruits.

The latest product to incorporate the Aromaguard expertise is St.Tropez everyday face. It offers a soothing Aloe Vera and antioxidant Vitamin E formula with a touch of self-tan; this subtly perfumed daily moisturiser is the essential beauty companion,  offering light and dark shades to suit every skin type.

If you want to just enjoy toting your Hermes Leather Birkin bags and not literally resemble them in 5 years, opt for the healthy alternative to frying your precious skin in the sun with the beautifully scented and effective St.Tropez range.

by Bella Hunter

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