Noah Mills talks acting, Samantha and Sex

Noah mmm... Mills
Noah mmm… Mills

If you’ve been searching for a reason to see the Sex and the City 2 movie — a good reason that will justify your choice to your friends who are looking forward to mocking you endlessly for it — you now have one. Noah Mills plays Charlotte’s wedding planner Anthony’s brother Nicky.

Mills has at least two scenes … and only one involves him speaking. The other is “a potentially more awkward scene,” he says. That would be a love scene. With Samantha, naturally. Frankly it’s hard to see how that’s fair. Doesn’t Big cheat on Carrie in this movie? Shouldn’t she get some sweet Noah Mills construction-worker action? Samantha always beds the best clichés. Carrie can’t even remember to bring home her $700 shoes from her ex-boyfriend’s apartment.

by Clarence Tan

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