Jean Paul Gaultier: from Music to Breasts via Bras

We often see fashion designers dip their magic fingers in all sorts of cakes. Giorgio Armani co-producing mobile phones, Hermès designing car interiors, Christian Lacroix getting involved in the hotel business and the list goes on. That kind of entrepreneurism is far from being a new thing. Back in 1988 Jean Paul Gaultier’s decided to crossover into a singing career with his very first (and last) single ‘How To Do That’

Regardless of however short-lived Gaultier’s pop singer career was, we believe that this video totally deserved that view as it features a teenage Naomi Campbell (0:45), Ann Magnuson and Gaultier’s signature cone bras, that became iconic after Madonna wore them for her Blond Ambition tour two years after the clip was released.

Gaultier's Cone Bra: from the concept to reality
Gaultier’s cone bra: from concept to reality

The pointy bra has bonded the pair so well that Madonna didn’t eventually mind taking it off for Jean Paul and his runway guests. If the picture below doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, you can watch that special moment here.

Topless Madonna walks Gaultier's runway show
Topless Madonna walks Gaultier’s runway show (1992)

Many of today’s starlets (think Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry) have worn the cone bras hoping for even more attention, but none of them managed to match Madonna’s bra-less runway look… yet.

by Olga Titarenko

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