BLUE Sydney: A Sparkling Sapphire on Woolloomooloo Wharf

BLUE hotel, Woolloomooloo Wharf
BLUE hotel, Woolloomooloo Wharf

Last Thursday I found myself on yet another fleeting trip to Sydney to attend the Belinda S/S 2011 media launch. After finally landing in Sydney (delayed) I was feeling stressed and anxious as to how I would ever get ready in time. With pressure of looming work deadlines and a million must do’s running through my head, the calming serenity of Sydney’s BLUE hotel was a welcome respite in my hurricane of a trip.

Aerial View
Aerial View

Located on the historic Woolloomooloo Wharf, the BLUE hotel is an elegantly appointed 100-room boutique property. Just a hop, skip and a jump from the CBD and Kings Cross, adjacent the Botanical Gardens and within easy access to the southern beaches, the BLUE hotel provided me with easy access to the shops for those last minute essentials – namely hairspray. The convenient location of the BLUE hotel was really just one carat in this sparkling sapphire.

BLUE Cafe and Bar
BLUE Cafe and Bar

The large open interior of the property contains the chic modern Water Bar. Voted ‘Bar of the Year’ by the Sydney Morning Herald, it seems I am not the only one that covets the amazing range of cocktails and other fine beverages available.

Deluxe Pier King
Deluxe Pier King

The rooms of the BLUE hotel are all located around the perimeter of the open plan interior restored wool-storage facility – so that almost every room has a water view. Of the 100 rooms, 33 are spacious loft designs – including the room in which I was lucky enough to be resting my weary head. Spacious, comfortable and with a bathroom half the size of my Melbourne apartment I knew I was in for a haute experience the moment I flicked on fashion channel and found to my relief that the hairdryer in the room was indeed a Vidal Sassoon.

However it wasn’t the convenient location of the BLUE hotel that really made my stay a memorable one, nor was it the plump goose-down pillows and duvets, indoor swimming pool or the fact that the property is some of the most popular drinking and dining spots on the marina. It was the service. A hotel is only as good as its’ staff and the BLUE hotel’s attention to detail is certainly a tribute to such a statement.  Arriving late, I was met by the lovely concierge Glenn who quickly whisked my bags away to take straight to my room. Check-in took all of two minutes before Glenn escorted me to my spacious loft room, filling me with facts on the property during our short elevator ride.

Calm, comfortable and chic, the BLUE hotel is Haute Hospitality in a heritage listed building.

by Biz Sattler

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