Burberry: Hologram Runway Show in Beijing

Burberry Flagship Store in Beijing, China
Burberry Flagship Store opened in Beijing in April 2011

Forget Facebook pages, live streaming and iPad apps, the ever conservative Burberry fashion house took a 360 degree turn and charged into to the future of digital innovation, taking its runway to the whole next level. The British brand celebrated the opening of their flagship store in Beijing with a fashion show featuring high-tech, hologram-projected models interacting, colliding with and overshadowing their live counterparts.

With about a thousand guests holding up their mobile phones, models paraded the fall collection down the runway digitally dissolving into one another and diffusing into bursts of snow sprinkled over the audience.

Burberry isn’t stopping here and plans to extends the high-tech approach to its stores in China through the touch-screen displays and Apple iPads that give shoppers access to Burberry’s full collection.

Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer, Christopher Bailey says “I love the vibrancy and history of China with its exciting and dynamic energy and it is a huge privilege to be flying the flag for Britain in the magnificent city of Beijing connection all of our global communities to celebrate everything Burberry represents today from music to heritage and innovation.”

The digital push will continue globally and some of its stores across the world already have the same technical elements as Beijing. Personally, I can’t wait to experience the enhanced shopping experience first hand and am looking for flights to China as we speak.

by Olga Barrale

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