QUINTESSENTIALLY: The Ultimate Luxury Concierge Service

The only truly localised global luxury lifestyle service in the world, Quintessentially is here to serve us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

They say that money can’t buy time – but a Quintessentially membership can.  A concierge service unlike any other, Quintessentially is focused on providing members with the best things in life: tickets, handbags, reservations… Because what is luxury, if not a combination of opportunity and facility?

Luxury Cruise in Sydney
Quintessentially Australia have the experience and connections to fulfil your wildest demands – which are, of course, the very best kind.

The team have sourced a Black Hermes Birkin handbag for a member’s wife within 48 hours (!), closed the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a marriage proposal and even arranged a full Buddhist funeral at two days notice.

Hermes Birkin Handbag
Birkin in 48 hours? Done.

Members of this private club range from American actors to British entrepreneurs and Australian fashion designers. Together, they are a group of globally minded, affluent people who are incredibly sociable and, as a consequence, disastrously time poor. For these members, Quintessentially have hired a Pyramid for a private engagement party for 300 guests at three days notice, sourced a pink crocodile for a birthday gift and even rescued a member from his snow-covered chalet in the mountains; all the benefits that us civilian folk may have attributed to the “celebrity advantage” in the past.

Dinner at the Great Wall
Your own unique experience arranged in days.

Luxury is the opportunity to enjoy life. To be truly privileged is to be able to do whatever you desire, whenever you desire it. We like to think of Quintessentially as the facilitator for all your wants… So how much do you want to enjoy your time on this old planet?

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