Nicholas Kirkwood Shoes inspired by Keith Haring

Black & White
Black & White

Award-winning English shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood is no stranger to collaborations. Having created catwalk shoes for the likes of Rodarte and John Rocha, Kirkwood’s latest project takes him back to the 80s. The extravagant shoe designer is creating a one-off couture line of Keith Haring–inspired art shoes.

Swarovski Hearts Kirkwood
Swarovski Hearts Kirkwood

Using thousands of Swarovski crystals, he pays homage to the opulence and expressions of the time. Keith Haring was a staple of the New York City street culture, “The bold colors, defined shapes and edges  – that aspect of it, to me, made it perfect for a shoe,” says Kirkwood of the type of inspiration he is drawing from Haring’s style.

That's how we roll
That’s how we roll

To learn more about Kirkwood’s inspiration, watch the video below.

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