Strand Craft 155 – The Transformer of the Seas

Swedish firm Strand Craft have released six superyachts with complementary supercars, to ensure you arrive at your marina and hit the road in style. The sleek yacht has a retractable fly bridge and radar which can be deployed independently of each other to ensure you arrival to port is aesthetically pleasing and head turning.

The tender garage at the rear of the craft houses your own personalised supercar

Your complimentary and custom tender (which matches your yacht perfectly) will house a V8 engine producing 620 horsepower and a top speed of 305 kph, Alternatively, you can order your own choice of conveyance to accessorize your superyacht – be it Koenigsegg, Maybach, Lamborghini, Ferrari, or a waterborne tender for those less adventurous.

The yachts carbon fibre inlaid fore deck retracts to allow for jacuzzi, built in bar and deck use

For a cool price tag of 17 million pounds, one of the six vessels could be yours, complete with five double en-suite staterooms sure to  your impress your clients or friends, each equipped with 52 inch Bang & Olufsen TVs, top of the line sound systems, LED mood lighting all automated via iPad.

The automotive theme is just as prominent in the superyacht lounge, bar and lounge to reflect its matching supercar

See the included video to watch the superyacht morph before your eyes.

by Amanda Johnstone

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