Champagne Couture in Cannes

On a simmering Tuesday evening in the South of France, Germany’s couturier darlings Klaus Unrath and Ivan Strano of UNRATH & STRANO along with their business partner and investor of the label Princess Elna-Margret zu Bentheim teamed up with Moscow’s Boccara Gallery to present a capsule collection within the galleries at the Ritz Carlton in Cannes.

Unrath & Strano: 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

President Sarkozy and a glowing Bruni were in attendance (although not in the flesh) with Sarkozy casting a watchful eye over proceedings (and his naked wife) from hip artist Alex Guofeng Cao’s infamous pixel perfect ‘Bruni vs. Sarkozy’ photographic masterpiece hanging at the gallery entrance.

Artist’s Alex Guofeng Cao, Bruni vs. Sarkozy (2009)

The mostly Monaco and Milan jet set ooh-la-la’d over the Berlin based designer duo’s uber glam evening gowns. And as we sipped champagne, the Russian’s vodka, models sashayed through the exhibition, their dramatic yet delicately encrusted floor length gowns popping against the predominantly antique art collection, curated by Boccara’s Didier Marian as part of their second annual pop-up gallery on the Riviera.

This 100,000 euro handmade Tahitian pearl gown is a fitting example of Unrath & Strano’s expert patternmaking and master tailoring.

A soirée as such would not be complete with out the de rigueur beluga with guests savoring petite morsels whilst Russian entertainer Micha serenaded guests on the terrace, his commanding voice and colorful personality drowning out the traffic that fills La Croisette each summer.

Klaus Unrath and Ivan Strano pose with Princess Elna-Margret zu Bentheim and models post show

Late in the evening under a bright crescent moon that punctuated the night sky guests enjoyed a sumptuous sit down dinner, designed by head chef Laurent Bunel, over which they critiqued the collections and opened their cheque books.

The exhibition is open daily until September 12th from 11am until 11pm.
Ritz Carlton 58 Bd.
La Croisette Cannes.

by Kelly Cooke

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