Beresheet – Desert Paradise

The five star Beresheet Hotel, Israel

On the cliff top of Israel’s largest crater (Ramon Crater) sits Israel’s most expensive hotel. Whilst I was woken by F16 and F18 jets instead of birds, it gave perspective into life in the middle east. The Beresheet offers yoga at sunrise, FWD and biking tours throughout the Ramon and star gazing tours at night.

Luxury villas on the Ramon Crater edge sit 800m above sea level

This is very much a stand alone destination. If you walk ten minutes away from the hotel, you encounter the enclaves of Bedwins – Israeli’s of the desert who do not believe in infrastructure or capitalism. You can hike through the surrounding desert and stumble across the odd flora or desert structure / statue.

The hotel pool and her extended breathtaking crater views

Boasting one of Israel’s largest buffets, you can indulge in various delights or treat yourself to the myriad of service offerings from the Beresheet day spa. A fascinating destination and only two hours from Tel Aviv or the Dead Sea… and not too far from the Gaza strip or Jordanian border either.

by Georgii Speakman

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