Sonia Rykiel + Fairmont Monte-Carlo = Valentine’s Day

Iconic French designer Sonia Rykiel opened her first boutique over 40 years ago. Her signature striped sweaters brought her instant success and gained the Queen of Knits reputation.

Sonia Rykiel Spring/Summer 2012 runway highlights

Not only she conquered the world of fashion with her liberated anti-conformist approach, but also became an accomplished publisher, who introduced a very personal and alphabetically challenged dictionary only a few months ago. “Dictionnaire Déglingué” is a life-long collection of the definitions that are transformed into poems, anecdotes and snippets of life.

Photo credit: Margault Antonini

Here’s one of our favourite examples:
“Romantique: Une femme en costume d’homme, avec une fleur piquée dans les cheveux” – “Romantic: A woman in a man’s suit, with a flower in her hair”

Fairmont Monte-Carlo

Most recently this fascinating, imaginative and undoubtedly talented woman was invited by the Fairmont Monte Carlo to add her creative touch to Valentine’s Day celebration. The Chefs at the Fairmont’s l’Argentin restaurant are portraying love as a fashion show. The dishes become a catwalk for a stunning, radiant menu in the colours of summer.

L’Argentin restaurant at the Fairmont

Five made-to-measure treats, inspired by Sonia Rykiel’s Spring-Summer 2012 collection, will created for the occasion ‘to reach the heights of the spectacular’ as defined in the ‘Dictionnaire Déglingué’.

Sonia Rykiel’s inspired desert

Another beautiful surprise is a competition that will be organised during this romantic evening where one lucky winner will receive a special Sonia Rykiel gift. Perhaps this is what you’re looking for in a gift to your fashionable Valentine?

119€ per person
For bookings contact +377 93 30 93 30

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