Lamborghini’s Egoista Concept Car

Forget your friends and luggage, Lamborghini has built an exotic car with room for only the driver onboard to cater the world’s wealthiest and most demanding car connoisseurs. The name says it all: Lamborghini Egoista, which translated as ‘selfish’, was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini. The concept is as uncompromising and exclusive as any vehicle can get pushing the limits for an automaker that is already known for building some of the fastest and most outlandish vehicles.


Other than the shockingly orange alloy wheels, not to mention the car’s orange-colored glass, the Egoista’s most eye-catching feature is the single-seat cabin. Finished in bright orange, of course, the cockpit is completely customized for the driver and can be removed from the rest of the car. A racing harness hold the driver in place, while the main instrument readout is a head-up display similar to those used in jet fighters.


Inspiration for the wacky interior came from Apache helicopters, which can eject the cockpit during emergencies. “The cockpit, made completely of carbon fiber and aluminum, represents a sort of survival cell, allowing the driver to isolate and protect themselves from external elements” – said Walter De Silva, Head of Design for the Volkswagen Group (the parent company of Lamborghini). The orange glass canopy lifts up electronically, and the steering wheel can be removed to make it easier to get in or out of the car.


If the Egoista concept was produced, its price would rival that of Lamborghini’s $4-million Veneno launched earlier this year. Veneno supercar was revealed during the annual Geneva Motor Show and costs roughly $4-million per copy. Only four Vereno supercars will be built and each one has already found a buyer.

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