Top 5 at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Since the 1950s, Pebble Beach has been the ultimate destination for lovers of collector cars. Today, enthusiasts from around the world enjoy this singular experience: the spectacular California coastline, the prestigious concours, and the finest classic cars available anywhere.

On August 20th-21st, the official Pebble Beach Auction will be take place and we have selected our Five Favourites. Take a look!

Haute-Today-1932 Bugatti Type 55 Roadster1932 Bugatti Type 55 Roadster
Est. $10 million – $14 million

This blue baby is arguably the finest example of a roadster produced by Jean Bugatti. It raced at the 1932 Mille Miglia race in Italy and has had full restoration in 2013. It comes with a 8-cylinder engine and 130 horsepower on a four-speed manual gearbox. The car was initially unveiled in Paris in 1931 and was known for its blistering speeds, with a top speed of 110 mph.


1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider Competizione
Est. $18 million to $20 million

One of only nine cars of its kind, this Ferrari is kitted out to exact competition specifications. It has a V12, 275-horsepower engine on a four-speed manual gearbox and a lightweight, aluminum body with alloy coachwork inside. This one, built on a special chassis, is one of the last LWD Spiders ever built. It’s considered the ultimate open-top Ferrari GT.

Haute-Today-1931 Bugatti Type 51 Grand Prix Racing Two-Seater1931 Bugatti Type 51 Grand Prix Racing Two-Seater
Price: available on request

The open-top beast has an eight-cylinder engine on a four-speed manual transmission; along with the Bugatti Type 50 road car and Type 51 Grand Prix car, this model introduced twin-overhead camshafts to Bugatti’s brand. It comes in classic blue, and because of its chassis, power, and performance, is one of the most important Bugatti models in history. This is the first time this example has gone on sale at a public auction; it does run, though auctioneers say that an engine overhaul is in order.

Haute-Today-1955 Jaguar D-Type1955 Jaguar D-Type
Est. $20 million to $25 million

As the most beautiful racing Jaguar ever made, this D-Type also packs a punch: It has a 250-horsepower inline six-cylinder engine and a four-speed manual transmission. Top speed was more than 170 mph. That was enough to get it the win at Le Mans in 1956. Since then, it has had only two private owners. As one of the first cars to use a steel monobody, it is one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive, Jaguars in the world.

Haute-Today-1964 Shelby 289 “Competition” Cobra CSX 2473
1964 Shelby 289 “Competition” Cobra CSX 2473
Est. $2.2 million to $2.6 million

Created by Carroll Shelby, this Cobra won massive races. But it’s also very drivable, even on the L.A. roads and highways its California owners have used since the early ’60s. The black paint exterior and white racing stripes, short roll bar and racing-perfect specs make the car truly unique.

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