Futuristic Fall by Iris Van Herpen

Cymatics, the science of visualizing sound waves into geometric patterns was the starting point for the Iris van Herpen Fall 2016 Couture fashion show in Paris.


Known for her technology-focused fashion, Iris van Herpen wanted to showcase her “state of dreaming” and achieved by embedding tens of thousands of Swarovski in liquid silicone. She did the same with hand-blown glass bubbles, producing a trembling, shimmering, extraterrestrial tutu.


“When I design, the draping process most of the time happens to me unconsciously” – she said – “I see lucid dreams as a microscope with which I can look into my unconsciousness.”

Garments were separated into two main looks: Lucid and Phantom dresses. Both included voluminous circular silhouettes were presented in a colour palette of iridescent nudes, greens and grey.


The Lucid looks were designed to appear as a “glistering bubble-like exoskeleton” and were made from transparent hexagonal laser-cut elements, that are connected with translucent flexible tubes.


The Phantom outfits were made with a light-weight tulle fabric, to which iridescent stripes were fused.


The collection also features two 3D-printed dresses named Magma. Each of these pieces were are made by combining flexible thermoplastic polyurethane printing with polyamide printing to form a fine web.


Each of the 17 models stood behind large optical light screens – more commonly used in television technology – which acted as both mirror and window.


As well as creating rainbow-coloured effects, the screens reflected a doubled image that shifted depending on the model’s position and the audience’s viewing angle.