Zoe Rachel is a generous tipper

Zoe Rachel in her closet
Zoe Rachel in her closet

The stylist to the stars, Zoe Rachel, usually charges $6,000 a day for her services, but recently she’s been very generous with all the tips and tricks for those who can’t afford her A-list price tag. Here’s what we consider good advices.

Five Glamour Essentials for under $50
1. Red lipstick
2. Black eyeliner
3. Great heels
4. Faux fur or shrug
5. Metallic clutch

Accessories are Everything
Never leave accessories as an afterthought. Along with a great smile, they can make or break a look and they always speak to your personal style.

Animal Print
Zoe Rachel confesses in her love to leopard, but suggests to do only one piece at a time. If it’s the dress, everything else has to be simple and wear little jewellery. Note that leopard prints are not always the most slimming, so sometimes just shoes or a bag or shawl is enough. Choose carefully and play it as a highlight.

Jewellery Box Basics

  • Diamond studs, real or fake
  • A statement cocktail ring (we love Swarovski)
  • Wow earrings – big gold hoops can glam up any outfit
  • A strand of pearls, real or best fakes you can find
  • A dressy watch is essential
  • A simple chain with a charm that is personally meaningful
  • A bracelet, be it a cuff or a bangle
  • A dressy necklace or pair of earrings.
    Make sure it’s something with glimmer and makes you feel instantly dazzling.

Metal Works
“In my world, yellow gold rules” – says ZR – “I keep my skin bronzed year-round and gold jewellery works best with my colouring. While I believe you shouldn’t be restricted by rules if you love something, there’s some truth to how the right metal can have a glowing effect on your skin tone.”

Gold looks great on skin with warmer olive, peach or yellow undertones. Those with more neutral olive, yellow or pink tones cn get away with yellow or white metals. Silver and platinum play well against skin with pink or blue undertones.

Getting Waisted
Belts provide a silhouette with a structural marking point. No matter how full your figure is, be fearless when it comes to accentuating it. Here’s a few tip on how to get “waisted”

  • At the waist, a belt reveals womanly curves – at the hips it suggests boyish cool
  • A skinny belt threading the loops of tailored trousers is undeniably chic
  • A woven leather strap slung low on the hipscan suggest 1970s boho
  • A super-cinched waist belt wide enough to feel like a corset can say 1950s glamour

Five must-have Shoes
1. Timeless patent – always stylish, if you invest in one patent, make it black
2. Riding boot – each season brings a variation of the riding boot
3. Red – for a little drama, team red stilettos with everything from basic denim to a LBD
4. Fabulous flat – designers have figured out how to make flats fabulous and stylish
5. Wild animal print – they add just the right amount of flash to a great pair of jeans

All in all, according to Zoe Rachel we all should get wild and “waisted”

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