Trashy Luxury?

Balmain Spring/Summer 2010
Balmain’s designer Christophe Decarnin certainly hit the jackpot last year when launching spring/summer collection of 80’s inspired bold, shoulder-padded jackets. This look certainly made a statement on the runway and was thoughtfully combined with stonewash denim jeans and rock-chick mini dresses creating a powerful glamour look.
The winning exaggerated-shoulder look still remains strong in Spring 2010 collection. However, this time Balmain presented glitzy military style jackets with fabulous detailing such as sequins and other embellishments. Sexy asymmetrical dresses with cut outs were another highlight of the collection. Shades of bronze, gold and silver ruled the runway creating a futuristic ambience.
Fashion critics often portray Decarnin as a king of trashy luxe. If  they mean ‘trashy’ as a synonym to bold, attention demanding statement pieces that scream ‘sex & drugs & rock n roll’, I don’t mind ‘trashy’ at all.
At the end of the day, why pay $6,000 for a jacket or a $3,500 for a pair of ripped jeans if it’s anything less than that.
by Ilze Skestere

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