Jil Sander: Bold Minimalism

If bold minimalism is your style preference then you will love Jil Sanders S/S ready to wear 2011 collection.  Jil Sander’s leading designer Raf Simons plays with volume and proportion and creates striking exaggerated silhouettes. Skirts are dramatic – gathered at the waist, long and voluptuous. Trousers are extra wide. Jackets and overcoats are clean-cut and boxy. Despite the voluptuousness, there’s a strong  sense of structure in the garments. It kind of references 1960’s couture.

Bold, bright and beautiful
Bold, bright and beautiful

Simons shows a fresh approach combining the striking tulip skirts and enormous pants with basic white tank tops and T-shirts.  Simons includes some wide stripes and dynamic floral prints in the collection but most of it is bold block colour. The colours are wild: you’ll find bright salmon pink, deep purple, electric blue and neon yellow. ‘Maximal’ colours in combination with minimal shapes results in a sense of modern elegance.

Jil Sander's diversity
Jil Sander’s diversity

The handbags made out of leather and vinyl resembles a common plastic grocery bag. Could this be the next big thing? Haute or not that is the question…

Straight from the catwork to do the groceries
Straight from the catwork to do the groceries

A rather original music was played at the show, the soundtrack from ‘’Psycho’’ and some tunes of Busta Rhymes, it worked really well with the way this collection was presented.

A couple of 'shorties' according to Busta Rhymes
A couple of ‘shorties’ according to Busta Rhymes

Although I am usually not that fascinated by bold minimalism, I must admit Raf Simons is a master of his trade and just created one of the best Jil Sander collections in a long time.

by Ilze Skestere

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