Kanye steals the show with ‘Runaway’

Misfits. They seek no acceptance, they exist in their own reality and follow own beliefs. Some regard Kanye West as an obnoxious prick, while I consider him a great example of a misfit, which I admire. Yes, he made mistakes yet he isn’t afraid to make a couple more, break a few rules and reset some standards. Weather or not he is going to top the music charts with his latest visually enchanting creation, you simply cannot ignore the fact that this is the first ever 34-minute masterpiece of its’ kind. The beginning of a new trend perhaps?

According to Kanye, the story about a fallen phoenix is a metaphor for his own career; whereas others recognise Amber Rose in the sacred firebird’s character and believe there is certain resemblance in their short-lived romance. After watching the video, Amber twittered: “I loved a famous man & He loved me he showed me the World & a Whole new life…. Thank you”. Let’s pretend her punctuation is in order (because we like her) and imagine what their children would look like… Yep very cute.

The bird and her saviour by Terry Richardson.
The original phoenix and her saviour by Terry Richardson.

Now let’s turn the spotlight on Selita Ebanks, whose contribution to retaining the fans attention was major. Not only the former Victoria’s Secret model titillated our attention right to the very end, but also “never got hollywood, mollywood, model-wood, whatever they call it…” while filming with the persnickety Mr. West.

Selita Ebanks. What a bird!
Selita Ebanks. What a bird!

And another photo just because she’s super haute.

Selita Ebanks. What a bird!
Selita by Yu Tsai.

Lastly, another ‘hottie’ in Kanye’s video that keeps the men wondering is a mid-engined RWD supercar developed in Czech Republic back in 1993 (yes, communism era) called Tatra MTX V8. Tatra is the third oldest car maker in the world that used to specialise in luxury cars of a technically advanced nature, but these days limits to producing not exactly glamourous umm.. trucks. We call it Czech Ferrari… now czech it out!

by Olga Titarenko

Tatra MTX from behind ;)
Tatra MTX from behind

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