The Revolutionary V12 Ferrari FF

Photos of the new Ferrari Four (with the nickname FF) arrived in my inbox in early January, however having just reviewed the new Range Rover Autobiography at the time, I felt this sporty four seater number needed enough cyber space of its own to convey her sexy purr.

Leaving the traditional Ferrari concept miles behind on the autobahn, the FF allows you to ride with a bigger posse, and brings a whole new scope to the traditional yummy mummy school drop off car.  I never thought I would use the words ‘Ferrari’ and ‘school drop off’ in the same article.

V12 Ferrari
V12 Ferrari

Ferrari press office notes: “The FF features the company’s first ever four-wheel drive system. Ferrari’s exclusive, patented 4RM (four-wheel drive) weighs 50 per cent less than a conventional fourwheel drive system, maintaining perfect weight distribution (53 per cent over the rear axle).”

Combine that with the 65-degree V12 engine and it makes for an exhilarating ride. One could easily forget they were piloting a 4 seater. The FF is also a thrill seekers delight, with a 7-speed double-clutch semi-automatic paddle shift system and top speed of 335km/h – the fastest ever for a four seater.

The Interior
The Interior

With enough room in the trunk for up to 800 litres of  designer luggage, three best friends or a few sets of golf clubs makes me believe this on road sensation should be renamed the Ferrari Fierce.

by Amanda Johnstone

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