Who said 40 is Over the Hill?

With Cavalli in its’ 40th year of business all attention is on what can he do to top his previous collections? He kicked off S/S with maximalism so successfully, one was left wondering which piece they didn’t want in their wardrobe. He managed to throw together an impressive display of crotchet, extreme fringing, embellishment and lace; all of which was entwined in a way that left the viewer wanting more. The colours were soft, the detail strong and the mixture of silk chiffon with ostrich, leather and crocodile made for interesting partners. Rather than a catastrophic mess, the result was nothing short of breathtaking.

Eva and Roberto Cavalli at the 40th Anniversary Celebration
Eva and Roberto Cavalli at the 40th Anniversary Celebration

So the question on everyone’s lips for F/W was quite simply “what next?” Was there even a possibility that he could transform his bohemian summer gypsy woman and prepare her for the harsh colder seasons ahead?
Without a doubt… and he shows no signs of mellowing even in his 40th year.

If his spring collection was described as delicate and feminine then his fall collection was the complete opposite. Cavalli’s woman turned into a moody warrior with an almost armor like appearance. The metallic bodysuits shone through the outer layers of each outfit, making their presence known amongst the busy combinations, that demanded attention down the runway. Bold, bordering the ethereal and almost gothic, the woman’s strength conveyed through her attire.

The choice of colours all complemented one another and as a whole even the most fashion confused individual would have been able to conclude that the collection was a wonderful interpretation of winter and the wild. From the gunmetal grays and deep wines to the eye catching golds and bronzes, you cannot help but feel mesmerized by the entire production.

As this label continues to impress and hypnotize its’ market, it has proven one thing. In the wise words of Coco “Fashion is Fleeting, but Style is Eternal” Cavalli continues to infuse his own personal sense of style with each collection. He is much like an amazing bottle of red: he only improves with age and leaves one intoxicated and wanting more.

by Christie Mekhael

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