Karl Lagerfeld for Net-A-Porter

Last week Paris hosted yet another major event – this time bringing together the most influential audience in the Internet ecosystem.  There we saw top industry entrepreneurs, executives, investors, bloggers and what seemed an unlikely guest – Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld at LeWeb’11

The fashion’s grandfather is known to give preference to old-school paper and fax machines, but during his LeWeb interview, he confessed his love for Apple’s gadgets (he owns 20+ iPads mainly used for sketching) and displayed his excessive assembly of iPhones – all customised with his own silhouette on the back.

Lagerfeld’s four iPhones and three iPods neatly tucked in the leather case by Céline

We all know Karl likes to dip his gloved fingers in many pies and right now he is working on the most anticipated project for the general fashionista – a more affordable clothing brand (with a very original name) Karl.

Anja Rubik
The Face of ‘Karl’ – Anja Rubik

Natalie Massenet from net-a-porter came along to announce the launch of a new collection, which will be available online exclusively from January 25th 2012. ‘Fashion today comes from a lot of pieces, it’s not a complete look. New things spice up what you already have. The approach is more casual because things are less expensive,’ – says Lagerfeld. Here comes the teaser:

Since Karl’s new clothing line will be completely launched online bypassing the traditional invitation-only runway and media showing, you can be the first one to see it! Register for updates here.

by Olga Titarenko

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