Casa Brutale: Life on the Edge


The conceptual residence, Casa Brutale, is a chameleonic living space that teeters on the high cliffs above the Aegean sea. It is a study of aesthetics, structure, function and engineering, waiting hopefully to be built. Casa Brutale draws directly from Adalberto Libera’s Italian masterpiece Casa Malaparte; but rather than sitting above ground, it’s encased by the tender earth surrounding.


The home is constructed with simple materials like wood, glass, and raw concrete, putting the focus on the landscape and ocean. Nothing extends above the ground level, and impact is limited to a single façade that separates the vertical cliff face.


The roof of the residence is a crystalline pool made of reinforced glass. Its bottom is glazed, and functions as a massive skylight that floods the interior with natural light. Top-to-bottom glass covers the entire cliff-facing façade, which poetically maximizes the exposure of the home to the elements.


Fifty stairs take homeowners downwards into the house, at the bottom of which is a tall, rotating door of aged wood. Internally, the rest of the home is bare, open, and simple.

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